Welcome to the website for DMNSion brought to you by the Candid.Concept LP.

DMNSion is a system that allows you to exchange information with your business partners in an efficient and secure manner. By providing on-the-fly protocol conversion, DMNSion allows you to communicate no matter what connectivity you and your partner have.

You can support FTP but your partner can only deal with e-mails? No problem, our DMNSion Exchange store-and-forward system can accept and deliver in any combination of these protocols:

  • FTP
  • SMTP (e-mail)
  • REST
  • Realtime Pipe
  • Web Browser

And that is within a secure environment. It can further reach out via all forms of FTP, external e-mail system, fax and SMS, using a programmable delivery system that you define and control.

DMNSion is currently composed of two products: DMNSion Exchange and DMNSion Portal.


DMNSion Exchange

The DMNSion Exchange is the unseen back-end portion of the DMNSion system. It holds all the files and does all the processing. If you are a data provider, like a copy other type of service, you need to understand how it operates, so Key Concepts is a must read, but also vist our How To's.


DMNSion Portal

The DMNSion Portal is one of many ways to access DMNSion Exchange; it is a easy way to manage and view your data.

Whether you are a provider or subscriber to data, DMNSion Portal documentation is something that you will be interested in!



QuickEAMS is a service that provides access to the California Worker's Compensation Electronic Data Exchange system.

This service is hosted in DMNSion and QuickEAMS users have all of the features of DMNSion available to them. For more information see the QuickEAMS documentation.

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