QuickEAMS for eCandidus

The QuickEAMS for eCandidus role allows you to access your eCandidus database from QuickEAMS. This is very useful especially when creating Applications for Adjudication using the App Maker.

This role does not have any settings, as they are defined in the eCandidus™ Desktop System screen.


Customizing the data accessed

The default settings work for the Law type system, but you can define the data passed back for custom types by defining the following field types:

WCADJThe field will be passed back when an ADJ is requested
SourceThe source address extension defines the applicant's name and address. It also triggers the following:
... WC Applicant AttorneyDefines the AA information
... WeeklyEarningDefines the weekly earnings for the applicant
WC EmployerThe opposing address extension defines the employer's name and address. It also triggers the following:
... WC Defense AttorneyDefines the DA information
... WC Insurance CoDefines the Insurance Company information
... WC Claim AdminDefines the Claims Administrator information
WCDOIDefines the DOI
WCEOIDefines the EOI if a CT case
WCBodyPartsDefines the body parts
LocationDefines the address where the injury took place
HowDefines the description of the injury