System Settings

The System settings screen display all of the settings that are generic to all of the roles in the CloudLink Server:

IP Address The public IP address of the server. The default is the IP at which the DMNSIon network currently sees the server
Port The public port of the server. The typical port is 80, as IIS is an HTTP server, but it can be different for security reasons
Internal Port The internal port of the server. As CloudLinki runs inside IIS, this is normally 80
Account Your account name in the DMNSion network. This becomes yout user login name to the CloudLink Server
User Name The login name in the DMNSion network
Password The password
Change password
Current Password Your current password
New Password New password to be used
Confirm Password Repeat the password to make sure that the new password was eneterd correctly

You update the settings by clicking on the Update button.


Access Requirements

The CloudLink Server creates a multi-directional bridge among various Candidus.Concept LP products. In order to accomplish this, the server must be accessible from outside via the Internet. The IP address and port are setup in the Server section of the settings.

The values entered in the section is the IP address and port that the server can be reached at.


Accessing DMNSion

The CloudLink Server accesses the DMNSion System for many of its functions. As such it must log in to DMNSion, using the name, account and password defined in the DMNSion section.

You must create the DMNSion login using the DMNSion Portal.


Testing the connection

Once you have setup the parameters in the page, you can click on the Start button on the left side to start the connection to DMNSion. If the connection is successful, the message will change to Connection to DMNSion is active.

For those occasions where this does not happen, the error message indicates the possible issue:

Unable to contact DMNSionYour server was not able to contact the DMNSion server. Use any browser in the CloudLink Server and navigate to to see what the issue is
Failed to loginThe DMNSion account, user name and/or password are not correct
DMNSion unable to connect inboundDMNSion servers were not able to connect to your CloudLink Server. Use any browser and navigate to http://<ipaddress>:<port>/CloudLinkServer/index.aspx to see what the issue is