Welcome to the website for e-Serve.me brought to you by the Candid.Concept LP. This service will be available starting September 1, 2011!

e-Serve.me is a web based service that allows you to serve and receive all Worker Compensation documents electronically.

This service is free to the recipient and is allowed under the California Administrative Code title 8, section 10205.6(b).


How it works

A recipient signs up using our Sign Up form. We will verify that each recipient sign up is valid.

Senders can then serve documents to any valid addressee, this can be done by either uploading documents to the secure e-Serve.me servers or via third party links, like our QuickEAMS e-Serve link.


How much does it cost?

e-Serve.me costs nothing to the recipient. The cost to the sender depends on whether the recipient has signed up with e-Serve.me to receive documents electronically or not.

  Delivery Method Cost
  Electronic $0.40 per recipient
  Manual $1.25 per recipient for the first 5 pages and $0.05 for each page afterwards


Why should I sign up to receive electronically?

How much does it cost you to convert all the documents that are served you to their electronic version? How many man-hours do you spend scanning?

e-Serve.me delivers the same documents securely, efficiently and free to you.


Can I serve multiple documents?

eServer.me can be accessed via a web page to serve, however if you are a heavy filer and would like to serve multiple documents electronically, you can use our API to interface your system to our service.


How am I served?

eServer.me can deliver the served files via a secure link in e-mails sent to a specific address. You have sixty (60) days in which to access any file in the packet initially and then after thirty (30) days of inactivity, the packet is removed from the system.

You can also opt to interface your system to our eServer.me servers via our API.

Browsers supported
  Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari Microsoft Internet Explorer (limited)