What's different about DMNSion by eCandidus™?   DMNSion is not a single program, but a family of products that are integrated to provide cross-protocol delivery of data files in a secure environment.
What does it mean to me?   It menas that you can exchange information with your business partners no matter which method of exchange you and your partner can support. If you can only send and receive e-mails and your partner has no method but to use a brosweer, no problem. DMNSion can accomodate you both and allow you to exchange information.
How does it work?   DMNSion provides interfaces in a variety of protocols to our storage facility. You use one or more of these protocols to upload the file, via a secure VPN link. On your partners side, the opposite takes place, except that he/she is not locked into the same protcol as you, but can use whichever method is most convenient.
How long can DMNSion hold the information?   As long as needed. Not only can DMNSion be used as a pipeline, but also as a repository.
What is the DMNSion Portal?   The DMNSion Portal is a web browser based system that alows you to view the contents of uploaded files. Let's say that your partner only needs to view MS Word reports that you have uploaded, no problem. He/She can use DMNSion Portal and view the content of the reports without having to use MS Word or anything else installed in his/her computer. And since DMNSion Portal is web browser based, accessing those files can be done from anywhere where the Internet is available.
What is the difference between MyDMNSion and DMNSion?   DMNSion is a set of products to store-and-forward files using a variety of methods at both ends of the pipeline. There is nothing to install.

MyDMNSion is a store-and-view system, designed to be used in conjunction with eCandidus™ Desktop, that gives eCandidus™ sites the ability to deliver content generated by the Desktop to their clients.

Who is DMNSion?   DMNSion is my creation. My name is Jose Gonzalez, and I have been in the business of creating computer systems for a long time. DMNSion and it's ability to exchange information was the original basis for the eCandidus line of products, where information can be created from and delivered to your eCandidus™ Desktop to and from all your business partners. But, as inclusivity is paramount, you are not limited to eCandidus products! No matter what you use in your daily work, a fast and efficient data exchange mechanism is available to you.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at the the e-mail address at the bottom of each page!