Setting up an account

You setup your account by selecting the Settings command bar.

The settings screen is displayed:

Click on the Set comamnd to save.



Area Name

The name of the client that the accounts has. Here we have a medical office.

Is Viewable

Accounts can be defined as viewable or non-viewable. Non-viewable accounts files are not processed in any way, but accessible at the file level.

Viewable account files are processed into its equivalent PDF format, when appropriate and then each page individually stored and made into a thumbnail. The PDF, each page image and thumbnail can be accessed individually.

Immediate Processing

For viewable accounts, should the processing for each uploaded file in DMNSion Portal be done immediately.

FDF Retention

How many hours should a downloaded FDF file should be able to update its counterpart in the DMNSion Exchange store.

Default Folders

A set of folders which will automatically be created for each client.

Replaceble Folders

A set of folders which will list files that can be replaced.

Default Handler

The handler that will be used if no handler is given when a file is being processed.


Other accessible objects

These objects are available whether the account is viewable or not.


Each folder and file has available a text note. The use of this note is application dependant.

Folder Data Object

Each folder has available a text data object, which can be used by external applications to store information.


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