Welcome to the website for QuickEAMS brought to you by the Candid.Concept LP.

QuickEAMS is a web based service that interfaces with the California Worker's Compensation JETFile and Information Systems. You can do the following actions:

  • Get information on filings for any applicant
  • Be notified when filing information changes
  • Create EAMS forms, populated with the information in the DIR/DWC public databases
  • Create Filing Packets with the needed forms in the correct order
  • Electronically file packets

As the QuickEAMS system uses the DMNSion system, all of its features are available to you. But you do not have to review that documentation, all of QuickEAMS is documented in the How To's section.


Not only is QuickEAMS approved as a third party filer for the DIR/DWC JETFile system...

We are well past the 500,000 filings mark!


Why should you use QuickEAMS?

How much do you spend in making sure that you know the latest information on the cases that you have filed? Up to now, you run an EDEX search from a third party to get information and each time you do you spend up to three dollars. This quickly adds up, and even after trimming which cases you look at to a minimum, you end up spending over $500 each month, just to learn that nothing has changed.

But that is not your only cost, you spend personnel time in checking the latest info against the previous, risking the chance of a missed change here or there, a miss that you are paying for in personnel costs and in the consequences of making decisions based on invalid information!

Let QuickEAMS keep track of your entire case load of up to a thousand cases for $249 per month plus basic EDEX fees when you sign up on our yearly plan. Simply get a listing of all your applicants and their dates of birth and let QuickEAMS alert you when changes occurs in any of the filings!

Its cost-effective, you pay for an entire year what you often pay for a couple of months; accurate, each filing is checked daily, and efficient, your staff is alerted only when things change, allowing to focus on how to deal with the change itself.

And by the way, you can create all EAMS packets, whether JETFile or OCR as part of the deal, so save that extra buck every time you file! This saving alone will pay for your QuickEAMS account.


Can I JETFile now?

Yes, just give us a call at 213-359-5309 to setup an account!


But I already store the information in my own system...

If you are an eCandidus, A1 Law or Tritek user, you can make use of your data without any imports! See how our App Maker allow you to make use of your current investment today.


Can I bulk file?

The JETFile system is designed to be a "bulk file" system, and we use that facility plus our own set of tools to provide a unique service that is used by entities that file hundreds of submissions daily to efficiently do so, while maintaining detailed control of each submission.

For bulk lien filers, we have developed our Cloudlink QE Maker tools that accept hundreds of liens at a time!

See our How To's section for a full explanation on using QuickEAMS!

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