What's different about QuickEAMS by eCandidus™?   QuickEAMS is a quick and efficient way to manage your filing information.
How does it work?   To use QuickEAMS, all you need is the applicant's name and date of birth. You can then get all of the filing information from the state immediately and create and file all of the current EAMS forms and packets. You can also ask QuickEAMS to track changes, so if new hearings or any other changes are seen, you are alerted.
Is it secure?   All communications between our servers and any endpoint are done over secured lines. At no point is data available in an clear format.

All of your documents are kept in secure databases, your documents are never mixed with those of another account and never made into an external file unless it is being delivered to you or your associates.
Can we JETFile now?   Yes, call 213-359-5309 to setup your account today!
What is the DMNSion Portal?   The DMNSion Portal is a web browser based system that alows you to view the contents of files. You can easily view any and all forms created.
Anything special for other software vendors?   If you would like to give access to all of the QuickEAMS and DMNSion features to your clients without leaving your application, contact us for more information on EDI.
Who is QuickEAMS?   QuickEAMS is my creation. My name is Jose Gonzalez, and I have been in the business of creating computer systems for a long time. QuickEAMS is an example of using the DMNSion platform to provide a key service in your organization in a quick and efficient manner.

DMNSion and QuickEAMS are not like many of my previous products, which were installed at the client's office. They are services available over the Internet and as an API.

In this endeavor, I have the privilege of been joined by Steve Pineda as Pineda Technologies, as the marketing face of DMNSion, QuickEAMS and also eCandidus, plus Joemar Gonzalez, as the tech person who keeps this project running.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at the the e-mail address at the bottom of each page!