Much of the processing done by QuickEAMS is done in the background, frreing you to do other work without having to wait for time-consuming tasks.

When a task is completed, QuickEAMS creates a notification to alert you of what has happened. For example, let's submit a packet to JETFile:

When we submit a packet, we are immediately returned to the active screen. In a minute or so, we are alerted that some processing took place:

Note the new notification button that has appeared.


Viewing Notifications

To view the notifications we click on the new notification button. The notification screen is displayed:

We are being given a choice to view the notifications either by category or those that are new and never been viewed before. We selected the new ones:

Which brings us to the list of new notifications. We can display a notification from the list by clicking on its command entry.

This causes the notification detail screen to display:

Notice that the new notification button has been replaced by the notification button to let you know that all notifications have been viewed, but that not all have been deleted.

The detail screen displays information, including a small description of the notification. If there was a notification document generated, we are given the option to view it, by clicking on the View command:

If the document is displayed, the notification is automatically deleted.

Note how the notification button has dissapeared.


Creating Notifications

You can also use the notification layer to send messages between yourself and others in your organization and to anyone in the QuickEAMS universe.

You create a notification by clicking on the send notification button:

The create notification screen is displayed:

Here we enter to whom the notification is being sent and the message itself.

Once we are done, we send the notification by clicking on the Send command.

If the recepient is online, he/she will receive the notification within thirty seconds. Otherwise it will be held until he/she logs in, at which time the new notification button will be displayed:

When the button is clicked, the notification screen is displayed:

In this case we selected the Messages category, so all of the un-deleted messages are displayed:

We select the message by clicking on the command and the message is dsiplayed:

Notice that we are given the option to Respond to the message, which did not appear in the notification from a system process.