The setup phase of QuickEAMS describes your office to the system.

To access the screen, click on the Administration button, which displays the Administration screen:

Select the Settings command:

The first section is information to be used by DMNSion management for your office, it has information regarding your company name and mailing address and contact information for business, technical and billing matters.

Next you come to the section regarding EAMS and you. If you have an Uniform Assigned Name (UAN) just enter it and click on the Set command.

For this example we eill use PEREZ LAW to show you what QuickEAMS does:

which turns into:

The next section tells QuickEAMS what type of office you are. This information is used when the forms are being filled:

And the last section is also used when filling the forms and is the default attorney name and assistant to use:

Click on the Set command to save your settings.


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