What is happening at QuickEAMS

You may have noticed changes in many of the QuickEAMS screens. We would like to take this time to explain what has been happening behind the scenes at QuickEAMS.

At the beginning

When DIR/DWC decided to create the JETFile project in early 2010, we at eCandidus saw an opportunity to create a much easier method for you to file electronically. We were early participants in the project and originally begun work on an eCandidus module to create and eFile EAMS packets. This effort is the current packet generator in the eCandidus Desktop for Law system.

While attending the very first meeting of the JETFile group, we learned of a second track that DIR/DWC was also involved in, to deliver as much as possible of the current contents of each filing via a publicly accessible website. We saw this as the key to a very different system, one which would use that information to fill the EAMS forms, without the need of re-entering much of the information needed. And QuickEAMS was born.


Originally, the idea for JETFile was to include all entities that could file one of the six forms supported by JETFile. Due to constraints, DIR/DWC decided, instead, to test the concept only with those entities that filed over 100 of any of the six forms. We modified our sales strategy to deal with lien representatives, who did not have a low cost system to deal with filings. Many changes took place as we learned what you needed, from changing the notification system from dealing with one submission to the ability to bulk input applicants.


Since QuickEAMS was able to get current case information on demand, one of the very first requests was to obtain current information every day for key cases. This quickly evolved into bulk inputting ADJ numbers and letting QuickEAMS doing this manual task for many cases.

Our current state

As we write this, we are very closing in to the 50 thousand filings mark, and now average 600 new filings every day. But even this level is not near enough to where we would like to be.

Now DIR/DWC feels more comfortable with the JETFile system and they have opened the doors to all size of end users. You do not have to be a 100+, all are welcomed.

Right along with the growth of our submissions, the number of filings being tracked on a daily basis has grown to close to 100 thousand. This is an area that no one foresaw and which is causing distress in the DIR/DWC plans.

The request...

DIR/DWC has requested that we do not tax their infrastructure with the tracking requests and also decided to allow us access to the EDEX information via a new method, which will become available sometime in March 2012.

We have agreed to work with DIR/DWC on this issue and have modified QuickEAMS so the tracking updates take place over the weekend, until the new data source is made available, at which time we will transition to it.

What it means to you

In the short term, the negative side, the calendar will be updated once a week, each Saturday. On the positive side, you now have available to you an Events report, which can be used to determine if a case has settled, along with all events that have occurred in a given time period.

On long term, the EDEX data comes at a cost to you. This is a cost from DIR/DWC and we have decided to make sure that you are fully aware of the exact cost from DIR/DWC and that we are not adding any markup to it. In a nutshell:

  • For the daily updates to all tracked filings, there is a $0.20 charge for the life of the case.

This pricing is established under Regulation 9990(e)B2, which can be found here.


There will be a transition period of thirty days from the day that DIR/DWC releases the EDEX pathway to us, during which we will continue to do the weekly updates.

There are new tools available that list all of the filings being tracked and allow you to reduce the list to what your organization would like to track to further minimize the costs during transition.

Obtaining EDEX

Rather than us becoming an EDEX Data Dealer, we have decided to allow you to subscribe to the EDEX data directly. This is done so you understand that we are not making any profit from this data.

Please click here for a step by step details on becoming an EDEX Subscriber.

Part of the EDEX process is to go through a testing phase to show that you are capable to sending and receiving data. This is the point where you simply enable your QuickEAMS account with your EDEX subscriber information and, since we have already completed the phase, can start working with EDEX information from inside QuickEAMS.

When can you apply?

We suggest that you apply now, as the process takes some time to complete.

Billing changes

We will be discontinuing our pre-paid packages, and instead move into a monthly billing system, to allow for varying volume of work. All current agreements will remain valid for the remaineder of the life of the agreement.

Starting on April 1 2012, you will receive an e-mail telling you that an invoice has been generated for your account. The e-mail will contain a link that will take you to Google Checkout, display the invoice and allow you to pay it online.

Please make sure that you have an up-to-date e-mail address for the Billing Contact in your Settings, as the e-mail will be sent to that address.

We at QuickEAMS appreciate your support and work very hard to deliver a product that makes your effort to file as efficient and low cost as possible. We believe that even with this change, QuickEAMS is the most cost efficient method available to all.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and thank you for bearing with us during this period of transition.